Monday, June 25, 2007

Just call me creADHDivkj!

I've self diagnosed myself with creative ADHD. I have so many creative ideas swimming like made around in my head and I can't seem to stay focused on one idea for very long and then I am off and working on another idea. I should change my nickname from cre8tivkj to creADHDivkj, LOL! Here are some projects I've been working on...

I've had flip flops on my brain lately. First a gal in my looming dishcloths group mentioned she would love to see a flip flop dishcloth pattern so I set out to make one (more on that in a bit). I worked on that for several days making my chart and making my prototype and reworking the pattern, etc., etc...Then my stepdaughter's 10th birthday party quickly decended upon me and I had to quick figure out something "cool" to put on her cake. I got the crazy idea I was going to make a flip flop shaped cake. I hunted my fool head off for days looking for flip flop cake pans to no avail. I decided I was just going to have to make my own pans. Yes, you read it right, I had to MAKE my own pans! I then set out figuring out how I was going to do that. I found in the grocery store a foil roasting pan (the disposable kind you use to roast a turkey in) I decided I could some how form it into the desired shape. WRONG! I bent and twisted and formed and fussed and messed with that crazy thing for more than an hour. It was 10:30 on Monday evening (the night before my stepdaughter's birthday), I was getting desperate. It seems like inspiration always strikes me when my time is running out. I finally decided to cut out of cardboard the shape of the flip flop, cover the shape in tin foil and then cut the sides from the disposable foil pan and form the sides around my flip flop bottoms, clip the corners (as you would clip material when sewing to form corners) and I secured the foil pan together with heavy duty packing tape on the bottom of the pan. I went to bed apprehensive if this would even work. The next morning I sat and thought for a moment, I couldn't possible bake anything in this pan (the tape would not hold up to the heat) so I brain stormed for a bit and thought of making a nobake cheesecake. I got excited when I realized that the crushed graham crackers would look like sand on the beach and I was going to crush extra crackers and scatter them around the cake once I pulled the form from around the cake (I forgot all about this creative thought, however, when the 6, 8, 9, and 10 year old girls and boys started showing up for the party and the noise in my house went up 20 notches, LOL!). Here's the finished cake:

Coolest Flip Flop Birthday Cake Ever!

I completed my daughter's beach themed birthday party by making her a cute beach scene banner she and her friends and brother's and sister's could get their pictures taken with. The kid's really got a kick out of this banner. They laughed and laughed getting their pictures taken as a "Surfer Dude" and a "Hawaiian Hoola Dancer". Kaden and Sam (my boys) took turns being the "Hawaiian Hoola Dancer" and "Surfer Dude":

Sam poses as the "Surfer Dude" while Kaden poses as the "Hawaiian Hoola Dancer"

The proud birthday girl adored her flip flop cake.

Now, back to the flip flop dishcloths I am designing. I have completed my first test pattern and I have two ladies lined up to test two more prototypes and I will be ready to release my design. I have a really neat idea to jazz up the design (I promise, you won't be dissapointed). Stay tuned for pictures and the FREE pattern for you to try out for yourself.

Another creative project I recently completed is the blog banner and blog button I made for my friend Vivian McKnight. I really enjoy reading Vivian's posts on her blog and on the Yahoo groups we both belong to so I handpicked her to help me write a big project I am working on (yet another creative project in the works). As a big THANK YOU gift to her I wanted to design something just for her. She told me what she envisioned for her blog and the following picture formed in my mind:

Vivian's Blog Banner

I am almost finished with my parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary video presentation. It's been a huge, time consuming (but enjoyable) project. I've added so much since my mom and dad got a sneak peek. I was able to work some things in that are very meaninful to them and I do hope everyone enjoys watching what I've so enjoyed putting together. I wish I could share this BIG project here on my blog, but unfortunately, it is 125 MB and would never upload to the web. It is nearly 30 minutes long and contains video clips, music, photos, and voice over narrations.


Kansas A. Lillooet BC said...

What a cool cake! You did an excellent job, it looks great :)
Congrats on the video presentation, I've put together a few and I know how much work is involved, if people only knew :)

Dusty said...

You are really flipping out there girlfriend! What wonderful memories you are creating for your loved ones. Love the cake! And how overwhelmed will your parents be with that viedo what a great idea!! Love reading your blog and spending a few moments with my friend and what is happening in your corner of the world. Hugs, Dusty

up all night loom knitting said...

Thanks Kansas and Dusty!

Becca said...

Love the Flip Flop cake!! Can you make me a cake like that on my birthday?... in December? LOL I can't wait for the flip flop dishcloth pattern! And thanks for shedding more light on the issue of creative ADHD. I too show symptoms. ;)

up all night loom knitting said...

Sure, I can make you a flip flop cake for your birthday! LOL! You are the gal I am working feverishly to make a flip flop dishcloth for too! I do hope you are not dissapointed :-)

Thanks for stopping by.

Jen in KS said...

I wish I'd had a cake like that on my 10th birthday. And the photo panel is rad, dude. You *are* one of the cool moms. Thanks for sharing them, Karen. They're a hoot.