Sunday, March 18, 2007

Our hills will soon be alive with the sound of music...the humming of alpacas!

My husband and I are embracing the lifestyle of alpaca ranching! We purchased our first animals a week ago and we are ready to purchase one more sometime this week. We will have a total of two pregnant females and one maiden female (she too will be ready to be bred this fall). By next year we should have a total of eight alpacas. We are getting anxious to bring our animals home. My husband and I have both fallen in love with these gorgeous animals and can't get enough of them! We are both finding ourselves waking up during the night with these little creatures dancing around in our heads! Take a look at these faces! You can't help but fall in love:

I am anxious also to get my hands on this luxurious fleece and to begin making some very special things. I am trying my hand at spinning the fleece to make my own yarns so I can loom knit and/or needle knit this spun gold into products we can sell and to wear for our own enjoyment.

Once the frost goes out we can get out to our pasture and get our fencing in. We will be working very closely with the ranchers we are purchasing alpacas from in order to set our ranch up properly and to learn how to raise these animals to be happy, healthy, and gorgeous fleece producing animals. The hills on our acerage will soon be alive with the sound of music (humming alpacas)...thus the new name for our ranch--Humming Hills Alpacas of Avon, MN.


Eleanora said...

I've seen alpacas at fiber festivals ...and they are wonderful *and* beautiful. I wanted to just take them all home with me, but in a city apartment ...anyway, best of luck!

Audrey Jeanne said...

I found you through CWO, I added my blog to the ring this week and have been trying to read a few other ladies' blogs each day.

Alpacas seem so beautiful and sweet natured. I'll look forward to reading what happens when you bring them home. Thanks for sharing!

Audrey Jeanne Roberts

Kelly said...

My husband and I are getting into Alpaca's as well can't wait to see when you have your babies all set up.
Those pictures are just adorable! I want to hug them all.