Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Who loves you baby?

Well, I do, of course! That's why, after thinking about it for weeks and weeks, I decided I just had to give you guys my half finger gloves pattern for the small blue KK for free!

They are awesome! Not quite as awesome as my efg version I first showed off to everyone on the yahoo groups, but still awesome. And you can do so much with them! Don't be limited by my yarn choices and/or stitch patterns! I am working on a pair right now that I am knitting with the regular knit stitch throughout (rather than the e-wrap) and I put a cable on the cuff (I just had to borrow the idea from Isela's adorable cabled mitts only I am not quite doing the same cable pattern and I am doing a button closure instead of seaming these babies up). It's my seventh pair, maybe why I am starting to get booooooored with knitting half finger gloves?

Download your copy today and play around with the pattern. I am still going to put together a conversion to the extra fine gauge loom for those waiting for that pattern. I have been so busy lately and everyone in my house has been so sick with the flu, pneumonia, stomache troubles and what have you I just have not gotten around to that pattern yet. So, before winter slips away and no one will even care about these cool half finger gloves anymore, I will put up a conversion chart in a few days for ya! Deal?

Oh, and if you download my pattern, I sure would like to see a picture so I can start a gallery!


Anonymous said...

Aw, we love you right back, Karen :) You are awesome!


Mary Ann said...

Thank you for posting a free pattern for the fingerless gloves. That was so nice of you. I've just started making them and never realized what I could do with the loom I bought last year until I joined Raverly.

The gloves are beautiful. If I get a pair made, I will send you a copy of the picture. Don't know when I'll make them yet, but it should be soon.

Thanks again,
Mary Ann